Nixon Concrete Bust Destruction Demo

Ravenous alien robots swarm in and harvest a concrete statue of President Nixon for resources! I modeled the head in Maya 2011 first, and brought it into Houdini effectively as a subdivision surface. Areas of attraction on the surface bring in particles that represent position and orientation of the invading robot swarm.

Upon contact with the head, 1) a randomized chunk is carved out and converted to a native Houdini RBD, 2) Several more pieces are also broken off out of the gap, 3) The path back out is projected and pieces are preemptively broken off and glued on to be pushed off as the main piece egresses 4) The robot particle is bary-bound (my own custom OTL) to the surface of the new main RBD. In parallel simulation, smoke is emitted from newly created surfaces, particles are emitted, and small Bullet RBD objects are procedurally generated and emitted.

Pieces of the head that are determined to not have surface connectivity with the bottom-most polygons are deemed to have broken off, and are converted into RBD's as well. Any falling RBD's described so far may cluster-voronoi fracture depending on their speed and size, and will also contribute to the parallel smoke and particle sims. New (exposed) surfaces record high frequency displacement for render time. Volumes are used to determine where on the original surfaces to generate displacements for the initial robot crashdowns as well as vein-fracture lines leading out of the the edges of the holes.

Rendered with Mantra PBR (Physically Based Rendering) with custom shaders written to incorporate the displacement trickery and concrete look.

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