Shot with an iPhone 4s in an iSea4 housing from:

Lighting: Light & Motion SOLA 600

The iSea4 has one button. the trigger or on/off button is also the + volume button. For photo/video/panorama it works with the in phone camera app. For time-lapse i used motion pict (the free version of the app) and set a 15 min delay time before it started shooting. This was shot in 1 second intervals and played back at 15fps.

Another neat thing about the iSea4 housing is that you can see the o-ring and phone all the way around along the sealing surface. It has the "kiss" seal so you can draw a suction on it and i promise you will know if it is holding (AKA you can't get it open until you press the seal to the side once back on the surface) It has a rated depth of 200', and is made of aluminum and SS (basically built like a tank) and you don't have to be worried about it.

The phone was 'on' for 20 min pre-dive and then a full 1hr dive, followed by another 20 min of gear breakdown before i popped it out of the housing. Battery was still at 74% after that time. I dimmed the screen a bit (but only to like 1/4, not crazy dim) and put it in airplane mode, and no lock on the screen.

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