FG250 EPS shredder is a machine to make flakes from EPS foam blocks for cushion applications and for further recycling such as extrusion pelletizing. The machine can also reduce the volume of polystyrene foam for easier transportation. Either it is packaging material, insulation board, cut-offs from modeling, and skeleton form EPS sheet thermoforming, the machine crush the big peaces into smaller 3/4" to 2" flakes, which can be a replacement of peanuts.

How the EPS Shredder Works:

You throw EPS boxes into the machine hopper.
The breaker knives break the foam boxes into smaller flakes.
An optional screen under the crushing chamber and screen out flakes of size 1"/1.5"/2.25".
The EPS flakes are collected in the plastic bag.
The result is small pieces of EPS flakes to be used for cushion applications or for extrusion pelletizing

Our EPS shredder breakc your EPS foam boxes, EPS sheet, EPP blocks, and XPS foam board to smaller pieces of 3/4" to 2.25" in diameter. In-feed sizes available from 19" to 47". The flakes will takes up less storage space, and it facilitate further processing of compaction and extrusion pelletizing. The machine is used in polystyrene foam molding factories, food container thermoforming factories, EPS recycling centers, fragile product packaging shops, and parcel packaging centers.

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