Beautiful Earth, we are your keepers.


VIDEO (Non-Profit)
Created by (Me) EuphoricWaters
Software: Avid Studio

VIDEO (Derivatives)
BBC Planet Earth
BBC Wonders of The Solar System
Iceland Volcano Eyjafjallajokull, Sean Stiegemeier
Jokulsarlon Aurora Timelapse, Antonio Casado
Midnight Sun - Iceland, Joe Capra
Volcanic Eruption in Iceland, Fimmvorduhals
Amazing Nature, Chokchai Clk

Thomas Bergersen
Album: Illusions, 2011
Track: #7: Rada

MORE MUSIC like this on YouTube:
Two Steps From Hell, Channel
by Nick Phoenix & Thomas Bergersen

певец: Владислава Василева
"Раде, Раде, бело Раде,
що си чакала тъй да
да рониш сълзи, рониш..."

Singer: Vladislava Vasileva
"Rada, Rada, Beautiful Rada,
Why have you been waiting,
All the while, you're crying"

Images and music are copyright their respective owners. This video is for non-profit artistic purpose only.

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