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"Living like a dog" is a common way of speaking. It means that a person lives badly, always running in the garbage, without a cause, without a house. But without complaining. A dog never complains.
Next time you see a dog, say hello.

One of the most renowned victims of the siege of Sarajevo is the Vijećnica, the majestic building that housed the national and university library. In 1992, it was hit with heavy artillery and incendiary bombs by Serbian military forces, severely damaging the building and consigning hundreds of thousands of books to the flames.
Nowadays, the Vijećnica is still in ruins, almost inaccessible, wrapped up in bleak scaffolds and looked at in pity and disenchantment. But all around it the city of Sarajevo is vital, dynamic, and culturally alive: many people are busy studying, practicing and challenging existing cultural norms, often in original and provocative ways. In a sense, then, the library has long ceased to represent and reflect the cultural life surrounding it.
It is in the space opened up by this gap that the documentary film Sarajevolution places itself. Through interrogating the ‘living library’ constituted by the people who are culturally active in Sarajevo, the film aims to retrieve salient fragments of knowledge and creative inspiration, and use them to metaphorically fill the empty shelves of the Vijećnica.
Filling a library cannot be reduced to the mechanical act of ordering books on the shelves. It is much more than that: it is about taking a peep at the books while sorting them out and being surprised at what one may find; it is about sharing the excitement of some discoveries and treasuring the secret intimacy of some others; it is also about enabling other people to experience the same by making the library accessible to everyone. Sarajevolution is about all of this.

Thanks to Johnny and Maffo, our travel companions.

Archive material: "Vita da cani" (1994) by Adriano Sofri
Music: Lili Refrain (thankyou)

Sarajevolution, a Documentary.

Executive Production: ActingOUT

Written by Giulia Levi, Marco Rubichi and Federico Sicurella

Directed by Rocco Riccio

Camera: Luca Vigliani/Fabrizio Prest

Line Producer: Davide Carbonari

Executive Producer: Emina Omanovic

ActingOUT creative studio all rights reserved ©2012

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