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"The Room" by Tommy Wiseau, has been called many things: confusing, inspired awfulness, genius. But in reality, "The Room" defies description. It can be found everywhere these days from Fox News to Tim & Eric. People can’t seem to get enough of this amazing cinematic achievement.

It's inspiring a loyal following (bordering on fanaticism), and has been playing to rowdy sold-out midnight screenings for over 5 years. In this digital age, "The Room" is a unique analog achievement, it brings its growing legion of fans away from their computers and out to movie theaters across the country.

We here at mimoZine, being fans ourselves, set out to explore the phenomenon from our own senseless sensibilities. We talked to Michael Rousselet ( ) the man-boy screenwriter who was an early ‘discoverer’ of The Room and started some of the 1st interactive screenings. We also met with the amazing Greg Sestero (famous for staring as “Marc” in the movie) who gave us an inside perspective on the making of The Room.

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