With our schedules being as hectic as they are, healthy eating at work is often not a priority. However, finding healthy foods to eat at work and fuelling yourself properly throughout your day can literally make it or break it as far as your energy levels go.

In order to perform at your very best and to avoid the 3 p.m. slump, it's important to fill your day with low-sugar foods such as lean proteins, essential fats, fruits and vegetables. Here are a few tips that will help make healthy eating second nature.

• Invest in a portable water bottle so you can stay hydrated, and a covered cup for grab-and-go smoothies on the way to work.

• Invest in a mini blender to make quick and delicious morning protein smoothies to drink on your commute to work.

• Prepare healthy foods the night before so they are ready and waiting for you in the morning. For example, prechop some vegetables or make a sandwich or wrap for lunch.

• Pack healthy leftovers from tonight's dinner for tomorrow's lunch.

• Scope out healthy restaurants or food kiosks in your work area that offer healthy, grab-and-go salad options for lunch.

To make healthy eating at work as easy as possible, here are a few suggestions for meals and snacks.

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