As if staring into the blinding light of solar heat. SONNE is a performance to camera of a distilled, appropriated and fragmented version of How Soon is Now by The Smiths. With a Dronology soundtrack in electronic vein of Sunn O))) and Laurie Anderson to give an air of otherness and esoteric electronic channelling. I take tokens of contemporary music as a starting point, specifically masculine sibylline posturing in pop culture. I appropriate the lyrics by slowing them down to re-investigate the words, create intense links and new meanings to these existing songs. In this performance, instead of “I am the son and heir” I revert this to “I am the sun and air”. In this way to explore the relationship of the interior and exterior landscape by evoking a timelessness present through an inhuman voice of the self. The intense spotlight beam isolates my face and silhouette, fixing it in space and annuls time. The light here is a materialisation of the "ungraspable", the intersection of transcendence and the visual.

For SONNE I paint my face gold and cover it in 24kt gold dust and wear theatrical black contacts.

Filmed in one take as part of Three Points of Contact Residency at GSA


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