Chill sounds like 超 which mean super in Cantonese.
Hea is a local Hong Kong slang mean chillin' .
So I mix them up to name this edit Chill Hea for the meaning of Super Chillin'

Most footages shot in last two month and some even earlier..and I finally mix them together..
May be no bangers here but we do really enjoy it...just chill and keep riding...keep FGFS alive!!
One love!

Featuring: Chu , K Birdie Daddy , Peta , Cogwei , Mo Chui
Filmed & Edited by K Birdie Daddy , and thanks Peta & Chu for help filming my part.
1st song : By my Homie from my old rap crew sanGfan 生番 which I Belong " Kz - 殺佢啦 remix by INK "
2ns song: The Coasters - Down In Mexico

Have fun and enjoy it. Ride hard and stay chilllllllllllllllll......


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