Greatly inspired by the National Park app video on youtube - - I sat out to try to recreate the Modal effect as seen in the video.

The transition i not only insanely nice, but also shows the user that all attention should be on the window that animates in. The main content gently moves away and makes room for the window.

So. in Flex I was able to recreate this in just about 30 minutes. I Made made own implementation of the PopUpManagerImpl. and overrided the methods responsible for showing the Modal.

Im taking a Bitmap Snapshot of the App, animating some simple Transforms.
So now when I use the PopUpManager i get this effect out of the box.

I dont think this effect should be used for all modals, but for window that needs extra attention, its really awesome.

Two words; Really nice thought out by the creators of the National Park App, and Flex Really Rocks big time.

Heres a link to an article about the beautiful National Park:

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