05 November '2012

Welcome to our experiment at incorporating a live performance into a 3D chalk "painting" where the live audience was able to view the performance both in front of them and through the lens via live-feed projections. The circus-themed chalk art was created by Kurt Wenner and produced through the collaboration of dozens of local, national, and international artists, and the performers are Fuzion Dance Artists.

In the arcade shots, what you are seeing is three layers: the archways through which the camera is filming a few meters in the air, the dancers and a vertical frame fronting the band, and the chalk art on the street surface below them. Intended to be viewed portrait-style with a 10mm camera, the perspective is slightly off in the landscape video perspective, but placing a camera above the arcades was the only way to allow the entire audience in attendance to view the performance as intended.

The open shots are incorporated to show more of the choreography in sections where the height and choreography of the live performers interrupted the visual effect of the flanking arcades. As this was an experiment, none of us were sure quite what to expect, and the first try always has some kinks to work out. It also allows a slightly closer view on some of the farther moments of the piece, as well as allowing the viewer to see the choreography that took place "outside" the arcade, which was completely hidden in the arcade shot.

For a first attempt at fuzing these elements for a live audience, it went pretty well, and we learned some cool tricks and realized some mistakes and things we would change next time, all in a fun merging of artistic visions.

We hope you enjoy our little glimpse into the circus!

To find out more about the artists...
Sarasota Chalk Art Festival: chalkfestival.org/
Fuzion Dance Artists: fuziondance.com/

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