This began when I started to challenge myself, do i have to sit at a table to draw? do i have to stop what I'm doing?
I questioned my enjoyment of drawing and what I didn't like about the way I was approaching drawings. I sat and drew the room, but I felt a bit old, because similar goals and frustrations would make me feel small minded. So I felt it was my way of drawing that was starting to get old.

Whilst drawing and watching my thoughts and feelings, it was a sense of newness and raising to the challenge that made drawing more exciting. Also, seeing what is actually there in front of me compared to what i had drawn blew my mind a little bit.

So I began to try and liven up my mind when drawing and try new processes to get out of a cumulative routine of 'trying too hard' I still enjoyed so much to observe things but i just decided to let a few things go for the meantime. Things like perfectionism and restraint in the way i drew. These thing are hard to shake mentally so I went out of my comfort zone to liven up the process. I let my postures and activities change. Even my role as a drawer, a doing drawer.

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