An exhibition of Art from Kosova, curated by James Walmsley of Artland Gallery in association with Manchester Aid to Kosovo. This short film documents the Fragile State exhibition which took place at Stockport Art Gallery. We hear from some of the artists as they discuss their work, explaining what it means and providing insight into its context.

James Walmsley:
Curating this exhibition with the support of
my friends has felt like striking a tuning fork.
In developing this project and bringing these artists together,
we have created a sound and a resonance. A cultural vibration.
This vibration is a force.
An artistic force of integrity, drama and power.
It emanates from the artists and their work.
It fills us with a sense of urgency for life and for survival.
Their work has a raw intensity, sensitivity and honesty which
reflects and connects us to the environment in
which it was conceived: a recent environment of
political instability, brutality, injustice and war.
It is an honour for me to present the work of these
nine artists to a UK audience for the first time.
Their friendship, trust and integrity resonate within me.

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