This is a short experimental video i made using some extra footage shot during a deer dressing used for scene #65 of the short film cold son that i am photographing.

no deer was harmed specifically for the making of our film, it was just coincidental that we were shooting on the first day of hunting season and sam's father, guy, happened to get his first buck of the season while we were capturing some b-roll of the sunrise that morning. so, we scrapped our shooting schedule for the day and improvised a few scenes in our script that involve a character dressing a deer. originally, we had an old deer hide that we were going to use with some fake blood, however, the material that we were able to capture with the real deer looks great and will add a heightened sense of realism to our film.

i know that this video is sort of sick, grotesque, weird, exploitative, and just about anything else that falls under the umbrella of screwed. but, i had never seen a dressing done before and thought it was really interesting so i wanted to cut this together and hope that people can view it with an open mind.

just don't call peta please. because i heard they are dangerous. and because the deer was killed for consumption by a hunter. and we also used some of the deer meat in our film for a few dinner scenes.


music by lansing & dreiden

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