This was a difficult video to make because the whole event were only shot from ONE angle. Only a few things like the vikings were shot handheld. So i tried to make every shot feel different by zooming in at different places. And by using twitchs and camera shakes.

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Valhalla - Battle of the Vikings is a high profile sports event. A concept which is based on the ancient warrior culture and the best of present martial arts.

8-man Tournament
Bringing in the 8 best fighters in the world to pick one winner over all - the best of the best. Rules are according to the international K-1 rules. Henrik Nyegaard won all of his fights and became Valhalla Champion 2009.

WBC super heavyweight Championship
The world boxing Council (WBC) has become one of the three major boxing organisation in the world. Two super heavyweight (+104.5 kgs) international champions fought to become the world champion!

Ed Monso won the title, and is now WBC Super Heavywheight World Champion.

Tuyet Trinh Thi Vu won the very first female WBC internationel title. Weight class 50kgs

Frank Madsen won the WBC national 67kgs title.

8-man tournament fighters:
Elias Daniel
Borrel Willy
Srdan Spirk
Henrik Nyegaard
Youssef Ouahnini
Mohammad Lamrani
Eshan Villan
Andre Staffen

WBC Fighters:
Ed Monzo vs. Stipan Radic
Tuyet Trinh Thi Vu vs. Jennifer Martinez
Frank Madsen vs. Rhassan Muhareb

The event took place the 21th of March 2009
in Ridehuset, Aarhus, Denmark

Organized by:
Mohammad F. Tehrani
The Colosseum
Aarhus, Denmark

For more info visit

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