Semantic spaces are filled with visions created through personal art in many frames that are set to give an animation effect while creating a style unique to how I wanted to personalize these series of "Semantic Mysteries." Fluidity is maintained, yet the feel of slow transitions in the frames focuses on the artwork itself. The 3D effect I created in each frame with layers of various texture gradients to give the film more depth both visually and conceptually.
The music I created by remixing the following tracks:
Delerium, "Flowers Become Screens"
Alice Deejay "Fairytales"
Delerium featuring Sarah McLachlan "Silence"
Enigma "Sadness Part 1"

The music choice as a remix was thought out and experimented with extensively and I condensed it and simplified it to what is shown here and is what I hoped to give the dimensions of depth of concept a fluidity that enhanced the experience.

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