What learning to I value? Transcript of my notes below (differs a little from what I really said)
I value learning that disrupts the status quo, that takes people to new places they didn't think they could go
I value learning that people really want, that gets them excited and fierce and engaged
I value learning that lets people see what they've never seen before
I value learning that anyone can do, even those who don't know how to start
I value learning that changes our concept of who we are
I value learning that engages all of the voices, especially those who have traditionally been left be hind
I value learning that is autonomous yet connected, self-directed yet in community
I value learning that empowers people

In mathematics, my field, I find that we only listen to a few people. Only an elite few get to set the curriculum, say what's important, ask real questions. Math classrooms are training grounds for tedious jobs in which you follow arbitrary rules. People are either good at it and get lots of gold stars, or they suck at it and are made to suffer it in silence. That's just not the kind of class I want and not the kind of learning that I want. I want a mathematics that can really fuck shit up, and I want it to be controlled not by the experts, but by the people that really need it. Can MOOCs do that? I'm not really sure, but I'm interested in trying.

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