Just some more Thinking Particles practice. I wanted to trigger the shattering by an InMesh because I never actually practiced it that way before. I would never actually do it like that in a real scenario and would probably stick with a Distance Threshold to trigger the shattering.

You might notice the shards sinking into the ground, that's my fault; max crashed and I forget to change my Voxel Grid settings :/

The setup is pretty straight forward though. The panels in the ceiling are just separate pieces of geo that are fed into a group. That group is activated inside a "Box" which VolumeBreaks 50% of them. The ones that are Broken go into a another group that has a pseudo gravity force applied. Once those pieces hit the floor, they break again.

I think I'm going to challenge myself to do a more advanced and tailored system that has some aesthetic instead of just a logistic build.

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