Director: Gami Orbegoso

Programmer Notes:
Shot on a budget of 3,500 Euros in seven days on a customized Panasonic GH2, Musgo is a classic Slamdance film, making up for its limited resources with ingenuity, swagger and mastery of style. The look of Musgo (which means “moss” in Spanish), inspired by the topography of the Catalan Pyrenees, is specific and unique; Orbegoso displays a powerful ability to create atmosphere and build tension, allowing an inspired cast to go to extremes while staying true to character and credibility. Mercé Espelleta in particular, with her earthy physicality, plays a wonderfully unusual villain as the ruthless cougar Mercedes, at one point taking a break from doling out psychological and physical violence to sing a song to the moon.
- Paul Sbrizzi, Programmer

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