A very nice little rock number by what I thought was a defunct Beijing rock band, but they apparently just had a line-up change. The video is apparently from 2007 and was only in 300p at 15 frames/second, along with a monophonic audio, on an obscure Chinese music site. I found a much better copy of the the song from another obscure Chinese site (although that too needed touching up) and thought to enhanced/resize the video to 720p/24fps via running through 3 cycles of Video Enhancer and VirtualDub filters (resizing to 2560x1920), and then Avidemux to resize, add borders, color and noise tweaking, plus change the frame rate to 24fps). It's a good song, so.... The band's site is a bit of a mess, but these are some useful links for the curious:
Description: rockinchina.com/w/Carsick_Cars
Original video link: youtu.be/K3Sp4_yZI2M
Label page in English: maybemars.org/index.php/category/artists/carsick-cars/?lang=en
Soundcloud tracks: soundcloud.com/carsick-cars
Chinese music site with apparently all their tracks: site.douban.com/carsickcars
News story about change to the band : behindthewall.nbcnews.com/_news/2010/11/17/5481776-carsick-cars-no-more

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