The Summer Rebellion makes a music video, places it online.

Thanks to Jean Amoris, Director, and all of the amazing crew members!


The Players:

The General - Daniel Ostrowski
The Troublemaker - David Koczij
Worker 1 - Thibaut Monnier
Worker 2 - Olivier Colleaux
Little Girl - Thea Roosens
Girl's Father - Nejm Halla
Girl's Mother - Caroline Kempeneers
Van Driver - Nicolas Janssens
The Band: The Summer Rebellion
Street Performer - Arthur Bacon
Extras @ The Market - Camille Amoris, Paolo Pezzin & Laurent van Driessche
Keuf - Fionn Perry
Little Boy - Constantin Apraxine
Boy's Mother - Giulia Mensitieri
Boy's Father - Michel Moustache
Auntie 1 - Annick Ogé-Fresneau
Auntie 2 - Pascale Goffart
Auntie 3 - Geneviève Garcia
Organ Player - Arthur Bacon
Old Man with Dog - Maurice Raty & Gérard
Man Washing Car - David Koczij
Lady with Baby - Cécile Vangrieken & Adam Roosens
Girl with Headphones - Leen Lagrou
Dude with Guitar - Stefano Capone
Young Women with Tree - Mélanie Bajalo & Marguerite Topiol with Cherry Blossom
Ruffians with Mobilette - Arthur Amoris & Robin Pringels

Cutting Room Floor - Amandine Servranckx, Gosia Wochowska, Nacho Fernandez, Tico Koczij


Director - Jean Amoris
Cameraman - Florian Vallée
Editing - Stefania Vanoussis
Assistant Directors - Joffrey Monnier & Amandine Servranckx
General Assistant - Arnaud Deleu
Technically Assistants - Arthur Amoris & Robin Pringels
Set Photographer - Leen Lagrou
Colour Grading - Dragan Marković
Storyboard - Aelys Hasbun
Makeup - Melanie van Cutsem
Child Operator - Marie Skilbecq
Catering - David Koczij and Gosia Wochowska
Thanks to Gabriel Vanderpas & Leïla Films

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