Demo reel breakdown

The first objective of this document is to summarise the main characteristics of the Demo reel, and secondly, to give a brief explanation about the scenic content.

Main characteristics:

• Author: this Demo reel was developed in full by Victor Herrero. Main aspects: screenplay, character design, texturing, skinning, animation, lighting and rendering.

• Software: the software used in the scene is “Autodesk 3Ds Max 2010”.

• Scene: the demo is made with only one camera.

• Staging: the staging is comprised of a background, two fixed elements (a shower and a towel-rack) and two mobile elements that interact with the characters (a shower curtain with rings and a towel).

• Characters: the scene has two characters, "Novi" and "Duke".
- "Novi" is a yellow character wearing a shower cap with an impatient and irritable nature.
- "Duke" is a brown dog whose tail is forever wagging with an innocent and playful nature.

• Plot: Novi is showering when Duke enters and seizes his towel. Novi angrily tries to recover the towel but Duke simply wants to play. Finally, Novi gives up.

Summary of the scenes: (specific description and explanation of the Demo reel characteristics))

Novi, the yellow character, is inside the shower. Duke the dog has not yet appeared. ....

Duke the dog comes in and sniffs the stage, which is illuminated with the V-RAY rendering engine motor and an Omni light. Duke, who has skinning applied to his whole body, except the face which is moved with Morphers, continues to sniff the ground until he comes across the towel, which is created with a Plane converted into Cloth. Then he continues to sniff it for a few seconds and carries it off using a Node (inside one of the towel ends) which is animated to move it inside the dog’s mouth.

While Duke is walking away with the towel, Novi stretches out his arm from the shower to grab it, and realises the towel is not there. He feels the rack to make sure and when he cannot find it, he looks out of the shower. He then sees Duke carrying it off. He gets out of the shower looking very annoyed and starts to chase after the dog.
As he is about to grab the towel, Novi leaps with such force that as he grabs the towel, he totters and falls down next to the dog. Duke, who is surprised by his presence, turns around to face Novi. Then a tug of war ensues between both.
Suddenly Duke the dog lets go of the towel to scratch his face. As a result, Novi falls, and desperately tries to stop himself using his body and arms, to break his fall.
Duke goes up to Novi and gives him a small shove and he is turned over, face down. Then Duke sits and observes Novi while he slowly gets up. When he is finally on his feet, both characters start to exchange looks and gestures. Novi tries to let the dog know how angry he is but to no avail. Duke doesn't understand him.
Finally, when Novi is about to reprimand the dog for the last time, the dog starts to play and lies down face up, waving his legs in the air. Novi walks away in a huff.

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