The most endearing couple we have met thus far. We feel so much trust from them and all thanks to the recommendation from their friends, our beloved clients, Yi Wei and Crystal. They have entrusted us to deliver their video without any reservations. :)

We can only say that we were glad to have been a part of your day, and to be able to document every emotional journey of the both of you. Especially during their prayers in the morning, when Lenise broke down together with her family and friends.

Joab, on the other hand, the easy going and humorous groom from the start of the morning till the gate crash, he too broke down, after he had received Lenise. That made it very special for us to witness their bond. :D

Thank you again for entrusting us, we appreciate the kindness and we wish you both a very special journey together.

Rekord Haus Team


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