GH3 has banding issues, although not as bad as the GH2. This is a test of the banding, and then trying to mitigate it by using film grain plug-ins. These are just generic plug-ins. Also rendered into ProRes 4444, although there is still massive compression with Vimeo.

00:00-00:15 Standard video
00:15-00:30 "Misfire" Grain 40%
00:30-00:45 MBL Grain 2%
00:45-01:00 Standard video
01:00-01:15 MBL Grain 2%

Panasonic GH3, Vivid -3,-5,-4,-5

Lenses used:
Panasonic 14-140mm F4-5.6
Canon FD 50mm 1.2L
ISCO Gold Projection Lens 2x Anamorphic

Note: I got the ISCO on the cheap, but it has haze and fungus. So the first shot shows the haze. Best not to shoot into bright light, it's fine for normal shots.

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