This is a film I made in the Spring of 2010. It was made for the free-for-all assignment in Larry O'Neil's Directors Scene Workshop class, and it's definitely a film I'm proud of. That's not to say it's perfect - far from it, but it's dear to me nonetheless. My initial cast fell through and I had to scramble to get equipment at the last minute, but thanks to the efforts of Shane Sheehy, Zach Lennon-Simon, Kevin Olken Henthorn, and Sophia Popovits, I was able to get this made in two days. There was an entire day of shooting in White Plains with Kevin playing the character of "Paul" that was unfortunately cut. Sidenote: I felt terrible cutting it out - Kevin basically dropped what he was doing to help me out that night. (On the plus side, he got free ice cream from Cold Stone.)

The night shoot took place in Yorktown, New York, and was just me in front of the camera and Shane behind it. Then we drove back to Purchase to shoot Sophia's scene. It was a truly collaborative effort, and I can't thank Shane, Zach, Kevin, and Sophia enough. Those guys are terrific.

I've elected to post it here on Vimeo as it was in 2010. There have been no updates to the sound mix or the picture track, which aren't totally polished. It hasn't been shown since May of 2010, so I figured you should see it now as it was then.

Thanks for watching. As always, I'd love to hear what you think.

- Jonathan Robertson,
January 9, 2013

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