3GAX Fall 2012
SCI-Arc: Southern California Institute of Architecture
Instructor: Hernan Diaz Alonso


This project is focused on using film as a progenitor for the work. Transformations through the use of film suggest architectural characteristics, which create difference from what is originally presented. Thus arguing the translation between architectural film and project.

To begin with, the notion of identical twins suggest the very mirror-like resemblance granted in the films, and underscores the idea of part to whole and whole to part relationships. Each mass is a reflection of the other. But ‘identical’ infers ‘identity’, which asks the questions: who am I? Who are you? The two aspects open up a critical gap between what we see in the architecture and what we are asked to view. The dichotomy of the architecture is not a juxtaposition of elements, but instead a battle of parts versus parts.

Music by Zack Hemsey

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