I collaborated as Digital Domain's Visual Effects Supervisor with Mothership director David Rosenbaum on a trio of Pam spots for ConAgra and DDB San Fransisco.
The DD crew:
Ed Ulbrich: Chief Executive Officer
Scott Gemmell: EP/Head of Production
James Atkinson: VFX Supervisor
Tifani Manabat: Bidding Producer
Juan Gomez: CG Supervisor
David Ziek: VFX Producer
Cody Shelley: VFX Coordinator
Ian Joyner: Art Director
Daisuke Nagae: Lighter
Brian Creasey: Lighter
Adrian Dimond: Character Rigger
Rick Glenn: Animation Supervisor
Tom St. Armand: Character Animator
Eric Ebling: FX Animation
Jeff Heusser: Flame Compositor
Niles Heckman : Nuke Compositor
Barry Berman: Nuke Compositor
Dave Takayama: Nuke Compositor
Michael Lori: Tracking
Cody Williams: Motion Graphics
Editing by: Colin Woods

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