Greg interviewed(thanks Greg) - What other partners did you bring on board, if any? What did they bring to the table?
We tried finding a production design crew that had launched large cartoon birds across city plazas to destroy large foam structures, but they were all booked so we had to start from scratch. We all owe a lot to Perry Newberry (the production designer) and his amazing team--they nailed it. It looked great and worked flawlessly.

How long was this in the making?
Bringing Angry Birds into the real world meant calculating a lot of the physics while trying to stay true to the game. Due to the chaotic nature of the game it was most important to create something that packed a punch while being safe for spectators. We only had about five weeks to prepare for the event, so we were figuring a lot out as we went along. Test explosions, calculations of pressure for the air-cannons, wind considerations, and the physics of the actual structure were all part of the puzzle.

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