I made this piece a week after the murder of 5 members of the Fogel family in the Itamar settlement in Samaria/Nablus in the West Bank/Occupied by Israel Territory occurred.

As a foreigner in the land I was shocked at how immediately the Israeli media identified the act as one of terrorism despite no militant groups taking responsibility for it.

Despite the interrogation tactics of the Israeli military being widely recognized as abusive and in some cases torturous, the confession to the murder by two teenage boys in the neighboring village of Awarta was largely accepted as truth by both people.

Despite the Israeli military court being a closed court, and despite there being a media ban on the Awarta immediately after the murder, the sentence of life for both these boys is accepted by many Palestinians and Israelis as justice being served.

I was discouraged by the activist community to further investigate this murder (as a video journalist). I am of the opinion that it was such a horrendous crime that everyone , including activists against the occupation just wanted the whole thing to be forgotten and dealt with.

The boys were tried and sentenced in a closed military court that puts unworkable constraints on defense lawyers.

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