In August 2012 the worlds first “Umweltarena” opened its doors near Zürich in Switzerland. It is a center to experience environment, energy and sustainability.

Commissioned by Swiss based agency Mc Kinivan Moos, I was invited to participate in creating an interactive, enjoyable and playful Swisscom-branded macrocosm. Featuring the beautiful landscapes, graphic and character design by my beloved friends of LWZ, embedded in elegant exhibition architecture of Raffaele Calzoni, the visitor takes a journey thru several issues around sustainable engergy.
Being confronted with every-day-life issues, the visitors finds him self as an virtual character in a colorful Swiss landscape. Just like in real life, the visitors desicions and actions directly influence the sensitive virtual environment. However, under the playful and homorous guidance of Swisscom, the visitor is likely to find an happy end.

Video Credits:
Camera: Markus Wagner, LWZ
Video Editing: Markus Wagner, LWZ
Soundtrack: RATATAT - Grape Juice City (from the album LP4)

Project Credits:
Client: Swisscom (
Commissioned by: Mc Kinivan Moos (
Creative Direction: Wolfgang Luser-Wild (
Graphic + Motion Design, Character Design, Interface Design: LWZ ... Markus Wagner, Stefan Salcher, Martin Lorenz (
Exhibition Architecture: Raffaele Calzoni(
Mediasystem Design: Adrian Schwarz (
Database Design and Programing: Michal Wlodkowski (
Interaction Design and VVVV-Programing: Martin Zeplichal (

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