What happens when a 'robber' wants a ride to the bank?
'The Robber' follows a young man as he heads home for the night – but he is ‘taken for a ride’ by a robber…

2014 / REVOLUTION, RAW Natural Born Artists, Rumor (Boston MA)
2013 / Boston Local Student Spotlight, Filmshift Festival, Somerville Theatre (Somerville MA)
2013 / Official Selection, Filmshift Festival, Somerville Theatre (Somerville MA)
2012 / Get Your Shoot Together, Massachusetts College of Art (Boston MA)

IMDb: imdb.com/title/tt2327583

Writer + Director / Post-Production: Geena Matuson
DP: Adam DePalma
Featuring: Sam Weiner, Joseph Rebola
Music: Electrocute - 'Shag Ball'

2011, October

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