You Bet is a story of a bleak world that consists of lies and betrayal. Over the course of one night, the humanity of a handful of individuals diminish in the pursuit of easy money.

The entire production for You Bet had an incredibly short duration. From the beginning of pre-production to the wrap of shooting, it only took four weeks to gather equipment, crew, cast, secure locations, and shoot. Filming the short took merely five days. The crew wanted to push the limits on how quickly a project could come together, as well as test the agility of all that were apart of the production. Since the cast and crew were split between Columbia College of Chicago students and others from the Chicago area, it became an extremely dynamic set, torn between a student and independent production. This dynamic was also emphasized by the diversity of everyone involved. A Chinese director, an Indian producer, cast and crew from Switzerland, United Kingdom, Canada, Sweden, as well as people from coast to coast in America. This unique array of artists came together to form this wide-ranging group.

Thank you for checking out our film.

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