Far away from client briefings and style guides, no matter whether stop motion, graphic animation, typo animation, 3D or still images, every participant provided a 5 to max. 30 seconds clip on the subject "PAUSE".

Therefor everyone passed only the last frame of his animation to the next participant. Then this frame formed the beginning for the next clip and so on. Like the game "Chinese whispers" or "Stille Post" in german.

Finally we are happy to present the result...

A big thank you goes to everyone who supported this project!

Agency: self-initiated collaborative project
Project Management: BUILT.
Motion Designer:
00:00 Anja Mewes
00:07 Tina Löwenstern
00:33 Media Sound & Pictures
01:06 Jochen Braun
02:00 Marcus Martinez
02:15 Deborah Arp
02:28 Eduard Lefter
02:38 Dennis Herzog
02:53 Kemane Ba
02:58 Dino Muhic
03:28 Jim Tabladillo
03:48 Matthias Winckelmann
04:10 BUILT.
Audio montage: BUILT.

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