It's a great wedding to start 2013! Our couple had their civil wedding in Switzerland two years ago, and now, they finally had their most awaited church wedding here in Caleruega Chapel, Batangas, Philippines.

Here is Roman and Mariefe’s brief love story that they shared with us:
They first met in Switzerland sometime in September, 2007. Roman is a very romantic guy that he wooed Mariefe every night. At the time, Mariefe can only stay with her uncle and aunt in Switzerlandfor three months since her tourist visa will expire after. So Roman took advantage of that chance. He is very polite and a true gentleman according to her. She couldn't forget how he sincerely asked her uncle and aunt for them to go out in a date... as a courtesy and respect to them. They even interrogated Roman by asking the following in a very strict tone: "What is your name, address and phone number?...,Where do you work?,...Where do your parents live?,… Where will you take Mariefe and what time you will bring her back?" After that, she didn’t think that he would still pursue her but he did!

When Mariefe went back to the Philippines, Roman followed after a few months. After meeting Mariefe’s parents officially, Roman proposed to her. They had two years of long distance relationship before they got civilly married.

We admire the groom for being ROMANtic. Just like the bride, we are also surprised that there is still a man like him who is very determined in winning a woman's heart.

They've requested for the song titled “Collide”. We knew that they will have a great wedding like this…beautiful and romantic as their relationship is :)

May God bless your union all the way, Roman and Marife! Took place at Summit Ridge Hotel, Caleruega Chapel, Nasugbu, Batangas and Josephine's Restaurant, Tagaytay City. By Team Freshminds

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