Hi Peeps,

Sony has dropped one of their new Action Cams at the Frothers Gallery in Bronte. Over the next weeks, we'll be testing it, in and out of the water, for all the features it has to offer.

We'll be giving you our honest opinion on it, as this is a product that I am sure a lot of you might currently be thinking of buying...

Today is Episode 1. Out of the box. Filmed and edited this morning 11th January. As the weather was not as clear as expected, the focus of today was mainly around:
- unboxing the cam: ease of use, setting-up, menu navigation, etc..
- testin the low light performance in video mode

NOTE: we have not added any effect, colour grading, contrast tweaking, sharpening, etc...to the images. Straight out of camera. We will always do so.

We'll do a summary of pros/cons and share our experiences at the end of the testing period, to make it as clear & comprehensive as possible.

Stay tuned for the next episodes...

The Frothers Team

Music credit: N U - AllThatSound

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