This is video that speaks about the over saturation of violence in today's mass media.
It talks about the physical effects of violence on the human brain, mass media's ability to skew society's perception of violence by romanticizing violent characters, and encourages people to balance consumption of violent media with positive media stories to keep a healthy attitude.

This was a final project for HUC130 - Mass Communication and Society at LaGuardia Community College. Edit, production and narration by Ruth Estrada. Creator holds no property or copyrights to these images. All images retrieved from Google Image Search. Copyrights vary according to content.

Film clips edited and retrieved from YouTube, copyrights and distribution as follows :
Von Wolfsheild, B. "Returning Fire" Silent Software, Inc. (1994) Time Warner Interactive.
Gerbner, G. "Mean World Syndrome" Media Education Foundation. (2010)
25 WPBF News with Ted White. WPBF. American Broadcast Corporation. (2006)

Music and video by :
Pink Floyd. "Comfortably Numb" Columbia Records. (1982)
N.W.A. "Straight Outta Compton" EMI Records. (1988)
Café Tacuba. "Eres" Geffen Records. (2005)

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