Legacy Trust UK collaborated with several partners including Screen South and BFI to fund an innovative disability film project, uScreen which allows young disabled and non-disabled people to make, show and share their own films.

Our film showcases the uScreen project and four inspirational teenagers who took part, Stephen, Jordan, Ryan and Jordan.

Work with case studies, we are able to show the impact of the Legacy Trust Funding on young people's lives through the uScreen project. The film becomes a strong impact statement for arts funding and the work of LTUK.

Stephen’s mother, Julie say, – “The Legacy Trust funding enabled those boys to do something they wouldn’t normally do and to go out and interview people that they didn’t know. I don’t think people really understand how difficult it is for somebody with autism to do those simple things that the rest of us take for granted.”

The project was chosen a one of six stories to appear on film by Legacy Trust UK because it demonstrates the innovative and life changing work that its project have been doing to create a lasting legacy from London 2012.

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