All the learned scholars have given their opinion. The mind is by nature very restless, and one should not make friends with it. If we place full confidence in the mind, it may cheat us at any moment. Even Lord Siva became agitated upon seeing the Mohini form of Lord Krsna, and Saubhari Muni also fell down from the mature stage of yogic perfection."


tatha coktam-
na kuryat karhicit sakhyam
manasi hy anavasthite
yad-visrambhac cirac cirnam
caskanda tapa aisvaram
[SB 5.6.3]

So it is advised herewith, tatha ca uktam. Although definitely from where it is quoted, it is not described, but it is heard by the parampara system. That is also authority, not necessarily to know wherefrom it is quoted, but if it is current, it is also evidence. So it is is said by parampara system, we can understand, that "Do not make any friendship or," what is called, "compromise with mind. Do not do this." As I was saying yesterday, my Guru Maharaja used to say that "When you get up you beat your mind with shoes hundred times, and when you go to the bed you beat your mind with broomstick hundred times." Then there will be no compromise. If you simply beat your mind... That is required. This is Vedic system. Now, if you want to bring somebody under your control, then you must always chastise him; otherwise it is impossible. Canakya Pandita, the moral instruction, he also says, lalane bahavo dosas tadane bahavo gunah: "If you pat your subordinate, then it will increase the faulty habits." Bahavo dosah. And tadane bahavo gunah: "And if you chastise, then they will improve." Tasmat sisyam ca chatram ca tadayen na tu lalayet. Therefore it is advised, "Either your son or disciple, you should always chastise them. Never give them lenience." So little leniency, immediately so many faults will grow.

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