Please, meet Natalie, a 19 year old College student.
Before she took her Skype class, she had been stuttering for 10 years.
First time in the history of the USA, the habit of stuttering has been eliminated in three days with the help of the Program of Speech Education created by a Russian professor Roman Snezhko in 1998.
After centuries of mankind's unsuccessful battle with stuttering, there is finally the answer to the problem. A Member of a Russian Science Academy, Roman Snezhko has delved into the nature of stuttering and developed an innovative and unique speech program called "ETALON" (THE MODEL)-- to enable anybody to naturally, instantly and permanently eliminate stuttering. For the first time ever, this was done without tedious speech exercises or medication, in just three days of continuous effort!

No matter how severe or complex the stuttering has been, its elimination is 100% guaranteed on one very important condition: a STUTTERER (not anything or anybody else!) MUST ACTIVELY DO ALL THE WORK TOWARDS his/her OWN SELF-CHANGE! A person's nature, behavior, and habits can become normal, but only if he/she WORKS HARD!!!!

People who stutter will have the opportunity to overcome their stuttering, logo-neurosis and fears of speech forever in the comfort of their home! All is needed for that is Skype installed on their computer.
No medical treatment is needed simply because stuttering is not a disease! According to Snezhko's practical theory, the very term "stuttering" is incorrect and should be avoided because it does not explain the real causes of the speech problem or the symptoms displayed by a stuttering individual.

Snezhko's breakthrough method helps, in just a few days, to restore speech skills and thinking abilities in people who stutter. The unique resonance-tuning technique will allow them to speak with the same confidence and precision that is inherent in their writing skill -- without hesitation, spastic stupor, or fears!

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Facebook Group: Live Stutter Free
Skype: annadeeter

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