This video features an interview with a former life-time stutterer CAMILLE, 29, - the very first Canadian resident, who completed the 3-day intensive study course of Speech Education Program for Elimination of Stuttering ETALON, by Russian Prof. Roman Snezhko. The class was taught to him on Skype by two teachers: Roman Snezhko (Russia) and Anna Deeter (USA).
Camille moved from France to Canada several years ago and learned English language as a second one - in spite of the recommendations of his speech therapist in France to never even attempt studying any other than French languages because of his stuttering! he is telling his typical "stuttering story": how he was struggling with this debilitating condition, how it impacted his decision making in all areas of his life, such as: choosing his education and job, giving up on growing up in his career, accepting stuttering and adjusting his life to it, etc.

Anna Deeter, the Speech and Language teacher and interpreter of the program, is asking Camille questions about his life-time stuttering, his experience with various speech therapists in both France and Canada, and with this intensive study course ETALON - on the THIRD DAY of the class.
We did not include the testing "before" part (where Camille is still stuttering!) in this video because the goal of this video is to educate other 70 million people who stutter in the world about our Speech Education Program.
Please, listen carefully to what Camille is sharing here and you will learn a lot! he is even speaking in his primary language French in order to prove that anybody can learn anything because of the power and capacity of a human's brain!

For more information about the program, please, visit:
Facebook: Anna Deeter
Facebook Group: Live Stutter Free (Closed Group)
Skype: annadeeter

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