Knitted binary code produced in collaboration with Pauline Lancaster . The stop motion video shows an analogue machine knitting the digital code.

George Boole the mathematician and philosopher was born in Lincoln in 1815. His system of Boolean Logic is the basis of modern digital computer logic. In his lifetime, the system of Boolean logic appeared to have no practical use whatsoever. It was only in the 1930s that it was recognised that his system could form the basis of mechanisms and processes. He is now regarded as a founder in the field of computer science.

In its simplest form, Boolean Algebra has two elements, 0 and 1, true and false, positive and negative, the same as the holes on a knitting machine punch card. This dictates the colour of yarn with which the machine knits.

In the absence of being able to use a real virus, we have reduced “The Trojan Horse” from Virgil’s Aenid to binary code, translated it to the punch card of a knitting machine.

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