A music video clip for the new SIngle - On the road to nowhere - by the band - Last Mistake - written, directed, filmed and edited by myself .
I was asked by the members of an Italian Rock Band, to write the lyrics for their new Album which bears the same name as the single. We have been friends for 5 or six years or so and they were aware of the fact that I'm an amateur videographer. When all the recordings had been terminated, I asked them if they would be interested in doing a video clip, (of course I offered my services free of charge.) They said Ok and we came to the agreement that if it turned out good, we would use it as the official video for the single.
I took to writing the storyboard, which came fairly easily considering I wrote the lyrics for the song.
As it turns out the video is quite cool and they we're all surprised by the final product. Quite honestly so am I.
That grungy amateur noisy look was intended 'cause I feel it matches the soul of the song and the aggressive sound of this particular single. We are now talking about filming the second video in february which we hope will be ready for release in april 2013
I hope you enjoy watching as much as I did making it !

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