For every artist serious enough to thoroughly engage their medium and persist through the inherent perils of that journey, comes a moment of transcendence when, at long last, the reluctant media succumbs and a true form reveals itself. Suddenly, the artist’s role is no longer creative but conductive and these moments, in whatever form they come, carry with them a feeling of inevitability--a reminder of some wordless truth learned long ago.

When the Gainesville, FL band Hundred Waters delivered their cliffside performance in front of the NVRVR production team at Red Rocks Park this summer, it was immediately clear that this band was in the middle of just such an awakening. Following their Denver performance, a cosmic non-sequitur brought them onto Skrillex’s OWSLA record label. Despite becoming the newest addition to the dubstep emperor’s growing stable, Hundred Waters held firm to their musical convictions and further cemented their transcendent blend of advanced synthesis, profound musicianship, and visionary creatorship.

In this video, the band performs their single “Sonnet” as they casually recline high on the steep sandstone just outside the iconic Red Rocks Ampitheater. The glow of late afternoon and the literal elevation of the shoot highlight the ethereal union of these performers to their music and delivers it straight to the viewers senses. Almost as good as being there.

Produced by:
Sam Campbell:
Matthew Whalen:
Ryan Simpson:
Audio by:
Charles M. Kern

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