"A Series of Exchanges" is featured on the front of artbr.com.br/2009/
and graffiti.org.br/ two Brasilian graffiti websites. Many thanks to my good friend Rui Amaral for making that happen! Also a big thanks to Marc and Sara from woostercollective.com/ (august 1st) for putting me up there!

During the summer of 2008 I spent a month in São Paulo, Brasil filming with my favorite graffiti artists.

"A Series of Exchanges" is a montage-based short film about graffiti functioning as a means of social discourse. When impoverished people are denied a legitimate voice within a society, they develop a new way of speaking. This is how they communicate.

A Series of Exchanges strives to show graffiti as a mode of social communication. By working through montage editing concepts, the city of São Paulo is shown as an organism undergoing a series of calls and responses. This film is about what happens when the surfaces that make up a city are modifiable and freely express the sentiments of the people occupying that space. This mode of social communication is paralleled by my communication with these artists. Unable to speak Portuguese at the time, my communication with the artists was fragmented, and comprised of multi-lingual bits, and visual communication.

I took many cues from the short film "Ça Sera Beau, From Beyrouth With Love" by Waël Nourredine and his examination of the visual and psychological scars left on the city.

Thanks for watching and for any comments!

Oi, ainda não tenho uma versão traduzida mas devo tê-la em breve, mesmo assim espero que vocês possam disfruta-lo.

A grafite é um fenômeno social que nasce quando pessoas numa sociedade, sem voz nessa sociedade, criam novo método da comunicação.

Tambem espero que vocês pode entender meu Português, eu sei que não é perfeito, hehe.

El graffiti es un fenómeno social que nace cuando una parte de sociedad no tiene voz. Por esta marginalidad essas personas inventan un nuevo metodo por comunicar sus pensamientos.

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