Multi-medial two act play by theatre company winter guests
Essentially a piece about longing and coming to terms with ones current situation or predicament, Bird in magic rain centers around three characters whose faiths are more or less coincidentally intertwined:
A conceptional artist trying to get past the death of her son, a young adopted boy-prostitute looking to find the truth about his past and a terminally ill business-man longing for the love his marriage could never offer him.
The original outset for the play was a dark chapter in the biography "Storeulv" ("Big-wolf"), about real-life Norwegian tanker mogul John Fredriksen. The project thus received a lot of attention from the media, even before work was started on the production.
Eventually the true story from Fredriksen's past has become part of the play that very much raises questions regarding facts and fiction and how we present and stage our lives. What are the truth about ourselves and our past?
"A text-theatre that sends shivers of joy down your spine because it's so elegant, raw and cheaky [...], but also because the experience is so complete and unique."
Directed by: Alan Lucien Øyen
Written by: Alan Øyen & Andrew Wale
Performers: Yvonne Øyen, Huy Le Vo & Andrew Wale
Light Design: Torkel Skjærven
Sound Design: Gunnar Innvær
Video & Set design: Martin Flack/Alan Lucien Øyen
Production: Gunn Hernes

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