The Film:
Set in a dystopian future world inside a city populated by androids. We follow the story of TEK 115, an android built to maintain the city's power core, as he defies his programming to discover a life beyond his restrictive protocols.

The Production:
This is my homage to George Lucas' THX 1138, both his student and feature films. It was shot entirely in one day and with no budget. I collaborated with Jayson Scott Adams who not only lent his talented performance as TEK 115 but also designed and created TEK's costume and some of the props seen on the other androids.

The film was shot on a Samsung VP-D351 would you believe it.

Written and Directed by Julian Dobrev
Shot and Edited by Julian Dobrev
Costume Designed by Jayson Scott Adams
Mask Designed by Julian Dobrev
Props by Jayson Scott Adams & Julian Dobrev


Jayson Scott Adams as TEK 115

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