Over the last two years I have documented countless sessions and roadtrips with my friends. It was all captured with no purpose at the time really, I just enjoy being behind the camera. And like most videographers, I let it build up into hundreds of gigs of footage.

I had a week off of work between Christmas and New Years, and heard a few songs that inspired me to go back through all of that footage, so I decided to utilize that time off to combine all of my favorite sessions and clips into one video that sums up the last two years of BMX with my friends.

The title "Digital Dump" came to mind after my friends were always commenting on how much "shit" i have hidden away on all of my hard-drives. Most of the riding is in Michigan, but it has footage of a few roadtrips to Pennsylvania, Ohio, Texas, North Carolina and a few other random BMX destinations,

Riders include:
Lee Abbott
Kevin Beauchamp
Ben Bissett
Brian Block
Nick Brady
Nick Bruce
Tyler Burkhart
John Burnie
Eric Butler
Pat Costella
Tony Davis (Danza)
Ryan Doll
Tyler Fernengel
Aaron Freedman
Joe Gall
Dave Gilmore
Scott Glannan
Brandon Hale
Chris Hersey
Ben Hittle
Bob Hoey
Kyle Iwanicki
Kristopher Kunihiro
Luke McGarry
Jesse Neil
AJ Nichols
Zach North
Davey Patterson
Ryan Poeppe
Andy Pulling
Gabe Reimer
Ryan Ruhl
Kenny Skorupski
Brian Stewart
Luke Swab
Jeff Tabb
David Thompson
Justin Thompson
Ron Thomas
Vinny Vasquez
Cory Wiergowski
Dane Wild
Adam Yarbrough
Cory Yarbrough
Bryan Young

A huge thanks goes out to Chris Hersey for helping me film a lot of these sessions and to Lee Abbott, Chip, Kevin Beauchamp, Craig Huenke, Luke Swab, Ben Bissett, and Justin Thompson (and anyone else I missed) for spending hundreds of hours building/maintaining ramps and trails for me to come ride/film.

Going through all of this footage made me realize all of the random parties, sketchy buildings/neighborhoods, spontaneous roadtrips and all of the awesome people I have met because of BMX.

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