Fannie Schiavoni in Collaboration with Adia Trischler and Andreas Waldschuetz.

Once Upon A Time is a celebration of mania in a common space. Instead of presenting the highly glossed editorial ideal that is ever present in fashion film; this narrative has consciously chosen to showcase Fannie Schiavoni's collection in the context of life. Life dressed down, and life as it exists in our fantasies.
Born out of a desire to liberate 'fashion film' from its' self chosen boundaries, and to unite the genre with short film and cinema as a whole; this is simply an expression of experience. The imagery and pace invite viewers to explore how fashion subtly supports human action regardless of style.


directors - Andreas Waldschuetz and Adia Trischler
camera - Jakob Fuhr and Andreas Waldschuetz
set design - Christoph Fischer
light&grip - Jakob Fuhr and Marie-Thérèse Zumtobel

creative director - Adia Trischler
styling - Asta Krejci-Sebesta
make up - Stefanie Lamm
hair - Patrick Glaathaar
assistant set design - Diego Rojas-Ortiz
production assistant - Tamara Pichler
catering - Super Merlin
helping hands set design - Kaja Dymnicki & Julia Krawczynski

editing - Andreas Waldschuetz
post production - Thomas Rath
sound - Stefan & Adia Trischler

written and performed by Adia Trischler

Special Thanks to Clara Trischler, Stefan Trischler, Escape The Golden Cage Exhibition

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