Choose One is a raw, intimate multimedia dance production that sets up Lauren Beale and Brooke Gessay (Creators/Performers) in a context both fabricated and completely real. Instructing the audience that at the end of the show they must vote between Lauren and Brooke - who gets to stay and who has to go - the performance becomes a navigation of the pressure of wanting to be chosen and not wanting to be separated. In this real-time dilemma, which echoes the reality of choice and consequence, separation from those we love, and connectedness that transcends having to say goodbye, an array of competitive strategies and coping mechanisms are humorously, tenderly, and tragically revealed. Through dialogue, dance, and improvisation, the performers' presence and humanity are under demand, as they compete, enter conflict, surrender and let go into vulnerability. Eventually, an experience of bare realness is discovered. Collaborators include Nicholas O'Brien, Ursula Mains, and Benjamin Bentele.

"Top-quality, world-class, ground-breaking work... really important
stuff that reached me like no art has in a long long while." - Elaine
di Falco, audience member

"A multi-faceted and committed piece of work, the kind that is ahead
of its time and will affect concepts of performance..." - Gabriel
Masson, Performance Artist

"A wonderful balance of humor, grace, vulnerability, honesty and
intensity... I see an overabundance of creative work, and you had
me shifting left and right to keep a clear view of the performance."
-Alvin Gregorio, Assistant Professor
of Painting & Drawing, University of CO

"...a work worthy of the same praise as filmmakers Lars von Trier and
David Lynch have gotten for their exploration of the subconscious." -
Dave Willey, University of CO musician

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