Ron Artis II - 2013
After growing up in a family where I didn't have to face
much on my own, God opened my eyes to see where I'm to go with my gifts.
I can't help but smile and cry at the same time, looking at all the
love that's held my heart. I'm Thankful, very very Thankful.
Thank You

-Ron Artis II


Think of all the friends I know,
Think of all the places we would go.

Think of all the dreams that we have lived,
Think of all the things we would have did.
Oh but life, has it's tides, oh but life has it's tides.

I think of those who lender me a hand when I was down,
I think of those who told me smile when I had a frown.

And I'm Thankful, I'm Thankful I am.
Oh I'm Thankful, I'm Thankful, yes I am.

Think of when I didn't know a thing about love,
but suddenly I met an angel from above.
Oh yes I'm thankful, I'm thankful, yes I am.

Oh yes I'm thankful, I'm thankful,
Yes I am.

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